C5 & Ethic Intelligence training solutions can be delivered at a location of your choice. Whether you need training in data protection, X, Y or Z, we can develop a course to fit your needs.

All training courses shown can be provided for your staff at your own premises or at a location of your choice. Additionally, we can tailor or create a course to suit the exact needs of your organisation. 

The advantages of in-house training

Choosing an in-house version of one of our training courses will be more economical where several members of your staff will be attending the session. You also benefit from having one of our expert trainer’s ‘to yourselves’ for the day, at your own premises – the Trainer can ‘confidentially’ answer questions relating to the specific compliance needs of your organisation.

Choosing an in-house training solution means that you are in control of the schedule – you choose the start time and duration of the session to suit your needs.
A further advantage of choosing an in-house training session is that your staff will not incur the travel costs associated with attending a ‘public’ session.

Quality training

The same Trainers who provide public courses also provide the in-house sessions, so you are assured of the same high quality course leaders who are not only experts in their field but also highly accomplished Trainers.

Contact details

For more information on C5 & Ethic Intelligence in-house training options, and to obtain a quote, please contact Brian Reffell on +44 (0) 20 7878 6933 or email [email protected]