​On 23 June 2014, ETHIC Intelligence will hold its second annual EXCELLENCE IN COMPLIANCE DAY in London.

Top compliance managers of companies at the forefront of anti-corruption compliance will gather to discuss latest issues, strategies for overcoming difficulties and identifying opportunities with leading experts in the field. The event will provide companies with a forum to discuss cutting-edge anti-corruption compliance topics with their peers and with members of the ETHIC Intelligence certification committee as well as with auditors specialized in anti-corruption compliance processes.

Attendance at this meeting, held on the eve of C5’s anti-corruption conference, is reserved for companies having received ETHIC Intelligence certification or whose compliance programs are currently under review for certification. Representatives of C5 conferences will attend this meeting to identify emerging anti-corruption issues and best practices that can be addressed in future anti-corruption conferences. A summary of the topics discussed during the EXCELLENCE IN COMPLIANCE DAY will be presented at the C5 conference the following day. Topics include:

  • Overview of changes to the regulatory landscape
  • Emerging compliance issues and solutions
  • Exchange of views on:

    *Innovating internal communication to maintain effectiveness, year after year
    *Where to simplify a compliance program to increase its efficiency
    *Legal liability of compliance officers
  • Revising ETHIC Intelligence terms of reference to include emerging ISO standard on ABMS