Overcoming Common Corruption and Bribery Risks when “Internationalising” Your Business to High Risk Jurisdictions

The business need of Spanish companies to expand their activity outside local borders is causing them to bring their business to Africa, Middle East and South America. Doing international business attracts the applicability of international rules, as FCPA, Anti-Bribery Act and local anti-corruption law. Is your company ready for this? US are proactive in enforcing FCPA, and the number of applicable laws is difficult to coordinate. On top of this, countries like Angola, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates have a peculiar culture that mixes up business and personal relationships, where the balance exercise is difficult to manage and obstacles arise as to how to cope with local suppliers while ensuring a sound compliance with international laws.

This workshop will teach you what the international framework you are going to operate in is and how to practically overcome problems arising from internationalizing your business. At the end of this workshop you will:

·         be able to identify key areas of your global compliance policies that need upgrade

·         use to the greatest extent the necessary tools you need to minimize your company’s exposure

·         understand features of corruption according to FCPA and prospective scenarios

·         learn how to practically settle new businesses in ‘hot’ jurisdictions in Africa, Middle East and South America


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