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With conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, the C5 Group of Companies: American Conference Institute, Canadian Institute, & C5 Group provides a diverse portfolio of conferences, events and roundtables devoted to providing business intelligence to senior decision makers responding to challenges around the world.

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Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Geneva

The flagship Geneva event returns after two previous SOLD OUT editions. This leading forum will feature the latest cases, interactive panel discussions and best practices which will enhance your capabilities when engaging in global fraud litigation and asset recovery. It continuously attracts 250+ leading practitioners every year. Make sure that you reserve your place.

Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Asia

With billions in illicit funds flowing out of Asian jurisdictions, the region is no doubt the next major frontier for commercial litigators and practitioners pursuing and recovering misappropriated assets, providing investigative support and enforcing court orders. However, highly obscure and multi-jurisdictional nature of such cases calls for close collaboration between solicitors from various jurisdictions.

Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Miami

Attend Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Miami in October 2020 and join the world’s most influential commercial litigators to discuss how the recent, truly seismic geopolitical developments affect fraud litigation and asset recovery landscape globally. Share your personal predictions and insights for 2021 and beyond, and solicit audience feedback along the way.

International Disputes and Asset Recovery involving Former Soviet Union Parties

Every January, the leading arbitrators and litigators recognised across the globe as the go-to lawyers for the Russian and CIS disputes – are gathering in London for C5’s annual conference which is the leading independent dispute resolution and asset recovery conference covering Russia and CIS parties. Benefit from unparalleled networking, thought leadership and unique experiences of involvement in a wide variety of highly contentious, investment and commercial cases involving a Russian or a CIS element.

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