Managing Heightened National Security Concerns to Get Your Deal Approved

This 2nd European Forum on Foreign Investment Screening & CFIUS will reconvene with a diverse mix of leading private practice practitioners from around the globe as well as government officials from the EU and the US.

By 11th October 2020, The Commission and Member States will have taken all the necessary steps to make sure the EU can apply the Investment Screening Regulation. With this new EU-wide mechanism for cooperation enabling Member States and the Commission to exchange information, this forum will enable for you to easily:

  • Create formal contact points and establish secure channels in each Member State for the exchange of information on FDI transactions
  • Putting in place the necessary procedures for Member States and the Commission to react quickly to FDI concerns
  • Pursue policy cooperation on FDI screening with CFIUS and relevant partner countries

Attendees will have an excellent opportunity to benefit from unparalleled networking, thought leadership and unique experiences of involvement in a wide variety of highly contentious, investment and commercial cases involving CFIUS and National Security Reviews in Europe. Gain key insights, strategic knowledge and actionable solutions to ensure your deal gets approved amongst this fast-evolving regulatory landscape.

Reserve your seat today & take advantage of our team discounts for a truly excellent opportunity to benchmark your initiatives with senior in-house professionals and expert private practice lawyers from around the globe.

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